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As your district, we are committed to giving our best to each and every student and their families.


Here is our promise to the Crestline community:

Fiscally Responsible District that Invests in a Quality Student Education

The board of education is committed to making choices for the benefit of the students they serve.

Safe Schools, Successful Students

Students at Crestline are kept safe physically and emotionally through secure buildings and the presence of adults who care about their safety and well-being. Through a partnership with The Village Network, several therapeutic counselors are onsite to counsel students who need additional support, and Community Counseling educates students about self-harm, their digital footprint, and responsible social media use. Our staff is constantly looking for additional ways to improve safety for our students.

Building a Foundation of Success from Day One

Crestline’s 5-star-rated Pre-K program sets a fundamental literary base to help students achieve our goal of reading and writing to grade level by the end of Kindergarten. Literacy skills set our children up for success in every grade beyond.



Personal Attention for Each Student

Within a small school district, no student goes unnoticed. All students from Pre-K through 12th grade are housed under one roof. We expect all adults to be paying attention and have meaningful, respectful relationships with all students and community members. Our teachers are on the lookout for your children day in and day out, ensuring their basic needs are met through free breakfasts and lunches, safe transportation, and a quality education.

Educational Preparation for Tomorrow’s Jobs and a Brighter Future

The school district’s aim is to prepare students to be good citizens of Crestline and of the world. No matter which path your student takes in life, Crestline wants to open doors for the future. College preparatory options and partnerships with area colleges are available at the high school level, every student has access to technology, and curriculum is being reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure students are equipped and ready for the jobs of the future.

Technology-Rich Educational Experience

The jobs of tomorrow will require a solid foundation in technology and digital media. As a 1:1 District, every child has access to a device, and initiatives are underway to develop more STEM and tech-centered opportunities for children who are interested in coding, web design, and tech.



Bulldogs Are Small but Mighty!

Within a small school district, if you want to participate in extracurriculars, you have every chance to shine. Access to the arts, music, drama, and athletics is not blocked by pay-to-play fees. Crestline is proud to offer students excellent and modern athletic grounds, complexes, and beautiful facilities for arts and drama.



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