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Tri County Spelling Bee Results

February 25, 2021

Crestline 8th grade student, Danielle Clark, made it to the final three spellers in the Tri-County Spelling Bee. 

She correctly spelled holidays, centipede, and infatuation in the first three rounds. She missed the word "cajolery" in the fourth round. As the final speller remaining did not spell their final word correctly, round four spellers were brought back into the competition and Danielle correctly spelled the word "anticoagulant" to move to the seventh round with three other spellers. Danielle missed "brigadier" in the 8th round, but the final speller missed their final word, so the final three were brought back again for the tenth round, where Danielle missed the word decongestant. She finished in third place overall. 

We congratulate Danielle on a job well done and we expect great things from David Wymer as he anticipates final results from the regional online qualifier!
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