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COVID 19 Guidance

Matt Henderson August 17, 2022

Dear Crestline School District Families:

The Crestline Exempted Village School District Board of Education, Administration, and Staff is committed to keeping students safe and healthy in our buildings and on our buses. One area of safe and healthy schools we continue to face is the handling of COVID-19 cases. As of this moment, the Ohio Department of Health will no longer be requiring school districts to follow the “Mask to Stay, Test to Play” guidelines.  In its place, schools can now follow the updated general guidance of the CDC. Crestline EVSD Schools will also follow guidance from the Crawford County Board of Health which prioritizes frequent hand washing; surface, classroom, and bus cleaning; sending students home who are sick, and proper filtration in the HVAC system.  With this plan in place, we will be able to reduce the impact of the virus on our buildings and buses.

Until further notice or changes in the guidance, the district will be handling positive COVID cases in the following manner:

1. Positive student case:  The student will remain home for five (5) days, with day one (1) being counted as the first 24 hours after the first sign of symptoms.  If the student is symptom-free on the morning of the sixth day, the student may return to school with a mask for days six (6) through ten (10).

2. If a positive case occurs in the same household, the student will be required to mask at school for ten (10) days, and the student may attend school as long as the student is symptom-free.

3. Please keep your children home if they are symptomatic.

Additionally, daily cleaning and disinfection of the building and buses will remain a priority.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Matt Henderson

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