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Crawford Morrow County Virtual Spelling Bee 2022

January 13, 2022
Imbibe, leeway, winnow and mollify.

These were some of the words that spellers from Crestline were asked to spell during the Crawford and Morrow County Virtual Spelling Bee hosted by the MOESC in Mansfield. Shawna Riddlebaugh, Zoey Lawhorn, and Calvin Iacobucci flew through the first three rounds of the bee, which earned each a place at the Tri-County Spelling Bee. Both Zoey and Calvin were eliminated in the fifth round, with the words regnal and corduroy. Shawna was eliminated in the seventh round with the word, emblazoned, making her the third-place finisher.

As the district spelling champion, Shawna also has the opportunity to complete an online test to determine eligibility for regional and national bees through Scripps.

Congratulations to our Bulldogs for a job well done and good luck at the Tri-County Bee in Mansfield on February 10, 2022.





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